Thursday, May 16, 2013

Living in a farm town

We are living in a farm town. 

It's really weird and when it is windy it does smell like cows.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are "town days" when we get to drive 10 miles to Logan.  

(Our town days are so much fun. I'll have to do a blog post about those soon.)

When I go running, I run 4 houses down and back. Running there and back is over 1.25 miles.
My goal is to be able to do that without stopping. So far I can go run to the edge of the neighbors house before I need a break.

(That's some of the neighbor's land.)

On not town days, we stay around the house.

We have plenty to do.

We've been reading tons of books, playing with duplos (so Offspring can play Godzilla), cooking., etc.

Matt has been working on bookshelves.
He built them with his uncle for me! Aren't they great?

We're hoping to paint them tomorrow.

Our very favorite thing has been the piano.

Matt and I both play and we are loving having one in this home.

Our tiny has been loving it too. She dives for the keys whenever we have her on our laps.

The coolest thing about this piano is that it is a player piano that Matt's dad restored.
He has collected over a hundred rolls of music, and I really enjoying them.
It is like have personal concerts by famous pianist in the 20's.
My favorite rolls are the "Rhapsody in Blue" played by George Gershwin!!!
(I love that piece. My mom used to play piano after we went to bed and sometimes she would play it.
Oh and after playing clarinet for a number of years, the run at the beginning always makes my heart happy.)

We also like dancing to some of the old music like "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi".
A lot of the rolls tell you what dance you are supposed to do to the song.
All I can say is...that's a lot of fun.

The view is beautiful too.

Matt and I were watching the sunset the other night.
He helped me get the camera settings just right so I could capture how beautiful the sunset was.
After like 20 tries, we got this photo. 

(That's from the balcony!)

And I took this one today.

I'm not sure if I could live here forever, but we are loving our time here.
We get to spend so much time together, and it's very different from our life in Provo.
(We are still strangely busy though)
I'm so glad that we have this small adventure that allows us time to spend time do things we love and visiting a lot of Matt's extended family.
It's been a nice break before our big move to Princeton.

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