Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Udvar-Hazy Center

After the farmer's market, we packed up and hung out with Matt's grandparents and parents for a while before heading over to the Udvar-Hazy Center. 
We were so excited for this. Space and airplanes are things that everyone in our family geeks out about, so we were in heaven the second we walked in.

We had fun talking and chatting with family as all of us ran different places to look at as much as we could. I really looking at the place where they do the restorations. 

The highlight by far was watching planes take off from the airport on the observatory. Madeleine was in heaven. Each plane she would scream and clap for, and we were there for at least 30 planes. People started coming up to me and telling me that they had never seen a kid that happy. 

At the end, we all split up and I had some time to myself to climb up to the top observation deck. It was kind of sad and relieving to realize that there will probably never be another war, where manned aircraft will be so important and dangerous. And how after the war, life just continued for the survivors. The airplane below is one of the few left from Tuskegee airman (an African American fleet). After the war, it became a crop duster for years before someone realized that it should probably be in a museum.  

It was an incredible day. Matt and I drove home exhausted and happy. I love last minute trips. I was talking to a few people at church on Sunday and they kept saying how I did crazy stuff like this. It was weird, because to me it's not that crazy. It's just part of life.