Wednesday, November 5, 2014

All of Madeleine's Toys

I'm currently obsessed with photography collections that highlight how people's homes work.

Here's my list of what I have found so far so you can get a better sense of what I'm talking about.

And my very favorite the book Material World that takes photos of family's possessions from around the world.

I'm hoping to have my own versions of some of these projects down the road, but today I made up my own and took a picture of all the toys that Madeleine currently has in her toy rotation.

Since we do have a toy rotation, a lot of people that come over offer to give us toys, because her room looks empty. In realty though, Madeleine has plenty to play with. She plays with all the toys about every 3-4 days. The stuffed animals, dolls, blocks, and the legos are always out. The rest I rotate out in the afternoon after nap time.

List of Madeleine's toys
1. Sophie
3. Two small target dolls
5. Itty bitty baby
6. Bigger Corolle doll 
7. Some of our old stuffed animals
8. Baby Dino
9. Crocheted Noah's arch toys
12. Chile doll
14. Red car
16. Three hotwheel cars
17. Rubix cube
18. Lots of duplos
19. Rody
22. Freaky monkey (she loves this thing)
25. Felt Nativity set
28. Rubber penguin
33. Spiky ball
34. Tennis ball
36. Musical instruments
38. Puzzles
41. Bangles
42. Princeton bracelet

Not shown is her play kitchen and doll house. Everything else is here. 

So with the toy rotation the way I have it set up, everything gets played with. Her favorites of course are her dolls. She usually has two or three close to her at all times. I actually am pretty happy with the number of toys we have at the moment, so we aren't planning on buying her any for her birthday or Christmas. We got her some activities to do with us instead. We are really excited.

Another bonus of doing this was I got to check to make sure that everything had it's pieces, and they did! I'm thrilled. I love her room has things that has only things she loves in it.

This is what it looks like normally.

I'm hoping the rest of the house is like that soon. We really love her room.


  1. Her paintings on the wall are so wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I really think they add to a lot to her room.

  2. I LOVE the "All the Toys" exercise! That would be so perfect for grandparents who were thinking of buying yet more toys. M's room is still lovely. When my kid was small we had two groups of toys - things that had to be put away every day, and things that could stay out for an extended time - such as a puzzle or craft in progress or a "fort" under construction.

    1. Part of the reason I did this project was to see just how much she has. While it doesn't seem like much when it's all put away, it was eye opening when I laid it all out. I love the idea of having toys to put away and to keep out. She's young enough that she doesn't have long projects, but I think that is something I'll have to start thinking about soon.