Friday, February 7, 2014

Trendy Tot

We don't dress Madeleine in too many neons,
 but when we do...we go all out.
I really love this outfit.
It's so childish and fun.

The first time I tried this combo was on laundry day.
I felt silly putting the two together...
I mean the shirt already has it's own layer of tulle,
did it need a tutu too?

Yes, yes it did.

It's so flirty and girly.
I usually can't stand it to this extent,
but I think it's okay having one outfit like this.

Shirt: Cherokee (Target) / Skirt: Children's Place

Are you neon shy like me?
Or do you go all out?
Most adults seem to avoid wearing them,
but they are super trendy in interior design.

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