Saturday, February 1, 2014


On Tuesday, one of our facebook friends posted that the play she was in had tickets for $10.
I pointed it out to Matt and said that I wish we could go.
He looked at me and said, "Okay, buy them."
I was a bit shocked since her play was 3 1/2 hours away in near DC.
But hey, I'm all for random spontaneous trips.

We called his grandparents to make sure we could stay at their house.
They were gracious enough to let us at such short notice.
We were so excited.

The play was awesome.
It was Les Mis, and despite the fact that there is a major movie based? on the musical,
neither Matt or me had watched it before.
To sum up the performance, there were some great solos, a cute kid, and some convincing deaths.
Matt stayed awake the whole time,
and now both of us kind of want to read the book.
(If you've read the book, let me know!)

I got to try out my extremely lucky birthday present to myself.
We will not discuss how long I've been coveting this clutch or how awesome of a deal I got it at.
We'll just say that I was jumping up and down for a very long time.

Then we went home and slept to get ready for the Smithsonian.

We were planning on just going to Art muesum...but on the way I got sidetracked by a sign that said,
"Hope Diamond display".

I have been fascinated about the story of this diamond for years,
so we took a quick detour to go check it out.

There were many other beautiful jewelry pieces.
Like these earring worn by Marie Antoinette.

We had a splendid time.
I took so many photos.
I'm just going to put them no particle order.

 Matt and I both loved this display.

Doesn't look like it, but this elevator was bigger than our living room.

 They let you borrow strollers at the Art Museum.
I couldn't believe how cute it was.
Madeleine had to go in.

The Spanish version of Phili's "Love" statue was more what I expected than the original.

 I loved this leather door against the yellow wall.

Madeleine loved all the rooms with plants in the museum.

Man painting in the Napoleon room.

If you didn't know, T-Rex's eat money.

 I wish Cosmopolitan still had interesting women write in it.
I'll read about aviation over "15 Sex Secrets that he wishes you knew" any day.

Madeleine tried to get to the space food.
She really loves food.

I love this photo so much.

These are really just a small sample of all the pictures we took.
We had a wonderful day.
I told Matt he can move us to DC any day.


  1. Michele, Love your beautiful photos and details, almost as good as seeing it first hand. So thankful that Matt spoils you and I feel your gratitude for all he does for you and Madeline.!!!

  2. I read the book of Les Mis in high school. I really liked it. It's quite different from the musical; I've noticed that that happens when a book is adapted to another medium. I recommend you go for an abridged version of the book--Victor Hugo really likes to go off on tangents, but an abridged version probably won't have them.