Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 5 Facts Instagram Fad

Madeleine, while becoming a much better sleeper, likes to be awake for random, long pockets of time...especially at night. I figure since I'm up, might as well write a blog post.

Apparently, there is a fad on Instagram and Bonnie from Life of Bon has challenged her readers to do it. She challenged us also to write our love stories too. (I'm working on that one) Maybe if she keeps up this challenge thing, I'll start updating a lot more frequently.

Anyway, I don't have Instagram or even a smart phone (my phone barely calls), BUT I do have a photo of me, and I have 5 random facts too. And since it's a family blog, you get 5 things about each of us. 3 times the fun.


1. I hate coconut. This wasn't always so, I used to love it. But then my sister turned 1. My mom picked out a cute coconut bunny cake. At 3 years old I wasn't impressed, and since then I hated anything to do with coconut.

2. My first steps were taken at Neiman Marcus. (I picture me walking towards a cute pair of Oscar de la Renta shoes. I think those shoes would motivate any kid to walk.)

3. I have had the same email since I was 8. Since I moved so many times, I've kept the same email, just in case one of my friends from way back when wants to contact me.

4. I have actually done over 100 of my pins on pinterest.

5. I weighed more at my wedding than I did when I walked in the hospital to give birth to offspring.

Matt (dictated to Michele)

1. He has a scar that looks like Wolverine stabbed him in his leg.

2. He can do a heelflip on the skateboard.

3. He failed 7th grade biology.

4. He loves watching The Nanny with the baby.

5. He hates eating chips straight from a bag.


1. She hates being dirty.

2. She sounds like a train engine when she eats.

3. She has gone to 4 different malls in the 5 weeks that she has been alive.

4. She doesn't wake up when we bump around her car seat.

5. When I put the guitar in front of her, she sat there plucking the strings. She was shocked some noise came out of it.

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