Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meeting Baby Dinosaur

This week Madeleine met Baby Dinosaur.

It was not planned.

Matt was at school, and I was starving. (I don't think I'm coordinated enough to have a wiggly baby in one hand and a knife in the other.) So I stuck Madeleine in the crib, and out of desperation that she would stay happy while I made a sandwich, I stuck Baby Dinosaur right by her and ran out of the room. I figured I had about 2 minutes tops to make my lunch.

Surprisingly, it was quiet the whole time I was in the kitchen. (I was even able to cut up a tomato and avocado!!) I was pretty shocked. When I walked back in, I saw that Madeleine was happily growling and swatting at Baby Dino. It was so funny. She sat there growling at him the whole time I ate lunch, watching her from my bed. She even stayed entertained long enough for me to take a few pictures. 

Oh and here are some other pictures from this week. :)

I would update what Matt and I do all day, but we are basically just Madeleine's slaves. We both get to leave to go to class, but other than that we are at her beck and call. We really love it though, and she pays us well with cuddling and weird baby faces. :)

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