Thursday, January 24, 2013


This week Baby and I decided to channel our inner Fran Fine.

"If it's not half off, it's not on sale."

Matt treated me to a weekend of shopping. I needed some new clothes after the baby was born and he was sweet enough to notice. I didn't notice how direly I needed them until after my first shopping trip on Saturday night. I walked in the door, and  Matt said, "Aren't those my pants?" 

"Huh, I guess they are." The sad thing is I thought those jeans fit better than normal. (They were actually staying on my hips.)

Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Chicos
I spent Saturday night and all day Monday going through racks of clothes (after all I had 9 months worth of shopping to catch up). I was surprised every time that these normal non-maternity clothes were fitting! Banana Republic and Ann Taylor were having amazing sales. I was so excited. Those stores actually have clothes that can kind of make me look like a grown-up. (Every time I take Baby somewhere, people give me that look of "Aaaw, its' okay. You're being such a good big sister.)

My hair has even been feeling pretty grown up. I constantly seem to have this new kind of hair gel called Spit-up of the Baby. It really keeps that hair glued in place, and it seems to replace itself the second I wash it out. It's pretty amazing.

Madeleine on the other hand decided to wear vintage 80's baby clothes this week.

This lovely piece is from Matt's mother. 
And this one was from my mom. It was the dress I wore home
from the hospital. 
We look pretty fancy, eh? Maybe one day Madeleine will grown up to be fashion blogger, inspired by this blog of course. :P

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