Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another week

She is still looking pretty cute at 2 weeks.

This week...
She realized that eating is good. 
She likes cuddling with Matt while he reads chemistry textbooks out loud to her. 
She has learned crying gets our attention.
She likes to drastically change her sleep schedule. 3 hours here, 8 hours there. 
(We aren't complaining though.) 
She loves music and driving in the car.
She  probably thinks her mom is crazy, because of all the pictures I take of her.

Matt and I are doing great. We have both taken her out on our own and she's still alive. Matt checks in with me through out the day to make sure I haven't killed her. I'm way more relaxed now that she's born. Being pregnant was more stressful, since most of the pregnancy I couldn't poke her to make sure she was doing okay. Matt, on the other hand, worries about her all the time. It's really cute. I love how much he loves her. On another note, I'm fully recovered. I went running on Monday for the first time. I love my post pregnancy body. I feel awesome. :)

Today, my brother, Riley left on his mission to LA. It's pretty crazy that I only have one brother at home, and he might be leaving in April-ish! Anna is also probably leaving on a mission around then. That is pretty crazy that we'll have 4 missionaries out from our families! We are really excited for them even though we are going to miss them a lot. 

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  1. every time you post a new picture of baby madeleine, my laptop gets passed around the house. my mom is a huge fan of the princess crown and the poses. she is so beautiful!!