Monday, March 5, 2012

Surviving School

I wanted to update our blog with some cool story about saving a kid or even going out to dinner, but the last week and half, we haven’t done anything except homework.

So here is a list of things have kept us mostly sane.

1. Nutella and graham crackers – Okay so we try to eat healthy but…after sitting through lectures and doing homework, neither of us have enough patience to wait two minutes for the leftovers to heat up in the microwave. Our hands just seem to wander up to the top shelf and grab thenutella and graham crackers. It has happened more times than I want to admit…but you know nutella and graham crackers do make a good breakfast...

2. Bubble baths/hot showers – Whenever we get too cold in the house, instead of the logical solution of turning on the heater, we take hot baths and showers.
My absolute favorite bubble bath stuff ever
3. Books – We have both been reading our non-text books whenever we have a few minutes. Matt and I are reading Return to Pooh Corner together. Matt is reading Sherlock Holmes, and I’m reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (though I’m really hating it).

4. Sleep – We love our sleep. No matter how much homework we have, usually we both get 8 hours of sleep. Thank goodness. Sleep is very good for our marriage.

5. Movies – Last weekend we took some time off to cuddle and watch two movies. We watched Hugo on Friday night as part of our date. I didn’t like it much. The toy maker was mean at the beginning and ruined the whole movie for me. Matt, I think liked it. He said it was very french. Then on Saturday, we watched Sherlock Holmes II. It stressed me out, kind of like Inception, but I thought it was still pretty good. Matt had mixed feelings about it, because while the movie was pretty good, he likes the book better.

6. Dishwasher – Our hero of the week, without it, we would have few, if any, clean dishes.

7. Odd news articles and comics.
This tag made the news. 
This is from a funny PhD blog. 

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