Saturday, March 17, 2012


Last month, both of us suffered from catastrophic shoe failure. Matt’s shoes wore though the sole and mine ripped on the side.

It was clear we both had to get new shoes.
The death of my poor nikes
Matt’s unfortunately wore through his on a very wet night in Salt Lake. We had missed the bus, and we needed to get him new shoes. Unfortunately, we had to get him crappy Target shoes.

The next week, we dropped by Nordstrom Rack to buy me new shoes. I went up and down the rows feeling invigorated as only pretty shoes (and gorgeous bedding) can make me feel. I wanted to get Nikes (as Matt puts it I’m a shoe snob, but come on, Nikes really are the best), but there were not any.

So instead I got Pumas.

I know to most people this might seem really weird and mundane thing to post about, but I love having matching shoes with Matt. I adore the mornings that we both slip on our Pumas, grab our backpacks, and walk to school holding hands. It makes me feel...married. Even though it might not be super noticable, it's fun to notice the different ways that we rub off on each other. Because before marriage, I would have never bought Pumas....ever, since I'm a Nike girl at heart. 


  1. Michele, this is a cute post. And your layout is super darling!

  2. Love the new layout, and I agree with Matt -you can be a bit of a shoe snob :p.