Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bucket List of Dates

I don't know if most people have this problem, but since we got married our creativity for dates has diminished. So Matt and I have passively been making a list of things that we want to do together. This is our list of dates we will do some point this year.

Random Dates I’m going to do with Matt (or in a few cases have done)
1. Go to the temple in the morning and have a breakfast cereal picnic on the grounds.
2. Set up an obstacle course (in empty parking garage is really fun) for remote control cars and race.
3. Read our favorite children books to each other, using weird voices of course.
4. Put subtitles and mute your favorite romantic scene, and act them out. (My personal favorite is Veggie Tales “Barbara Manatee” So dramatic.)
5.  Volunteer together for Habitat for Humanity
6. Watch random infant massage videos on youtube and practice them on each other.
7. Scrub the floor Pippi Longstocking style, tie scrubs to your feet, put on loud music, and dance.
8. Go to the phone book and pick a random restaurant in another city. Figure out a round about way to get there and order for each other.
9. Go on a walking journey and every fifteen feet draw a chalk arrow in the direction you’re going. At the end of the trip, leave a big pile of chalk. (That’s from XKCD)
11. Dress up in childish clothes and go to an amusement park.
12. Build a blanket fort and tell random stories from your childhood while eating pizza. (Like No Reservations)
13. Leave sticky notes with random messages during your date.
14. People watch and write random stories about them. Go to a random café and read them to each other. (Even better if you have a beret…and a striped shirt. I’ve done this on trax before, it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.)
15. With camera and pair of boots, make photolog of a day in the life of the invisible man. (XKCD)
16. Karaoke Night
17. Go to a used book store, and read random lines to each other. (I love Sam Weller’s for here in Utah…)
18. Make cars out board boxes and have a “Drive in movie.”
20. Go to a planetarium show.
21. Go to a zoo or taxidermy museum and “adopt” a new pet. (I want a dik-dik named Susie.)
22. Build a stool.
23. Passionately kiss in a hot air balloon. (This in on my bucketlist. I’m going to do it.)
24. Have an appetizer in one restaurant, a main course at another, and dessert somewhere else, while having a theme for all the food. 
25. Grab takeout and eat in an odd or random place like a train station, playground, or the pitcher’s mound of a baseball field.
26. Go blues dancing together.
27. Take a cooking class together. (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, William Somona, Thanksgiving Point)
28. Go on a kissing date. Find scenes from movies that “The Kiss” happens, and find places in the area similar. (Like the baseball mound from Never Been Kissed)

Anything other ideas that need to go on this list?


  1. Hi Michele! So glad we exchanged your blogs and that we can be bloggy friends now- in addition to real life friends, of course! These are such cute and clever dates- you guys are definitely way more creative than we are! I will have to try some of these out0 especially the kissing one! Oh la la!


  2. Hi! I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh, and you should try the dates out...the ones we have done are some of my favorite memories.