Monday, June 22, 2015

Welcome to Lakeside

As we were moving out of Butler, I sat down and read over a few blog post from when we moved there. Despite the fact that I felt relieved the first time I moved into it, I forgot how hard actually moving in was. In this blog post I said, "I always feel like when I move that I'm some type of cowgirl that has to break in and tame my house.Each room has its own challenges and getting the place to feel like home is even more frustrating. And they each seem to fight me too!"

That made me laugh. That's exactly how I feel like moving into this house was too. But this one came together a bit easier, despite our rocky beginning. I kept telling Matt,"Don't panic! Pinterest can fix everything!"

And it can! So far I have the living room/kitchen done and the bedrooms are pretty close. I'm still working on a few things though before I put some pictures up of the other rooms though.

So tada!

 1st half of room

Dinning room table! (We have a dinning room table again!)

 1940's Life and fashion magazine from the flee market.

Lights I made!!! I'm so overly proud of myself for this one. I couldn't find a light kit that would work so I made my own. Matt was a bit freaked about the whole thing, but it was so worth it in the end.
(Tutorial here:

 Word art Madeleine and I did last night. I don't suggest black paint with a toddler. :)

And the other half of the room

Weird kitchen

Spice rack that Matt put up even though he didn't want to 

Art by bathroom in the hall.

So that's it so far.

We like it. It likes us. I think we're doing pretty good.

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