Thursday, June 25, 2015

Some going ons

One thing I've been learning is that life doesn't stop. Just because we moved doesn't mean that other things aren't going on, even though I kind of wish it was.

With the summer solstice passing that means summer officially begins. The fact that New Jersey schools for some reason didn't end until June 19th making the summer really feeling like it's kicking off. So far the last few weeks have been full of play dates 4-5 times a week, farmer's markets, and going to the beach. Honestly, I feel like this is a bit faster pace than I like. Our family rhythm is thrown off and I'm trying to rein it back in.

Here's a few things from the last two days.

 I started reading the book for July's book club. I actually haven't read this before, so I'm pretty excited.

 Madeleine at lunch with Junie B. This is one of my favorites, and sour grapes are a pretty big deal in this house too.

Matt asked me to do nothing for Father's Day, but then on actual Father's Day he was upset that I took it a bit too literally. We tried to make it up a bit by taking him to this cool little cheese shop in Downtown Princeton. They not only sell cheese but make gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. I'm not really sure what was on this sandwich but it was really good. The asiago cheese we got there too was some of the best I've had.


  1. Can you get zero waste cheese there?

    1. Yes actually! Madeleine and I found one other place too. I don't think we'll be buying it frequently though since it's almost double what we usually buy. He does sell cheese wheels too.