Thursday, June 4, 2015


Guys we are moving between a week to two and half weeks. We still aren't sure the day and I'm feeling the stress. The actual moving thing isn't too stressful especially since it's only two blocks, but the expectations I'm putting myself are.

1) Minimalize as much as possible
2) Move for under $150
3) Keep it as zero-waste as possible
4) Pack, move, and unpack in 3 days

Matt and I snuck into new apartment earlier this week. Because there are a lot less windows it seems a lot more cramped. It has really motivated me get rid of more stuff and only bring the necessities. Also while I was in there, I saw my new washer and dryer. They are amazing. I'm so excited! (And I'm never excited about laundry)

Because we don't have a set move date, I don't have a firm timeline on moving so I feel a bit more disorganized. On top of that, Matt has a big presentation next week and is working on publishing his paper by the end of the month.

To do
1) Get rid of any excess paper floating around the house
2) Go through books
3) Go through my clothes (dreading this one) 
4) Sell TV
5) Get rid of rugs
6) Go through food
7) Go through toys
8) Madeleine' s clothes
9) Condense and reduce bathroom crap
10) Sell air conditioner
11) Get rid of extra furniture
12) Figure out a better way to organize sewing stuff

That's what I'll be up to for the next 8-20 days. I'll try to check in. :)

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