Monday, December 29, 2014

Trip to Florida: Days 5 & 6

Day 5

After our relaxing Sunday, we were ready for another busy day. This time at the Everglades.

We first walked on a board walk to see the more swampy part of the everglades. Madeleine was very excited, and kept stopping to show and explain things to Sophie.

Then we went on a walk through the Everglades. We didn't see any alligators, but when they are out they are less than a few feet from you. It was still beautiful and really quiet. We all loved it for different reasons. Madeleine loved running. Matt liked the trees and I liked just being there.

Playing in the sand was also a lot of fun apparently. It looked a lot like zen art.

We left a bit for lunch, but made it back for sunset.

Madeleine ran up and down the path while Matt and I watch the sunset.

It was pretty perfect.

Our day actually didn't end there. We went to an old family friend's home for a huge Christmas party. It was a blast, and I loved catching up with old friends! We were too busy hanging out and eating to take photos, which is kind of sad since it was amazing.

Day 6
Last day.

We drove up to Orlando again early in the morning. We stopped for breakfast and the sunrise at the same place we ate that farmer's market on Day 3. I love this city of Fort Pierce! We took a bit of a scenic route to get there and Matt and I enjoyed every minute of it. We got there right at sunrise. There was a group of very elderly ladies singing Christmas carols and giggling between the songs. Right in front of our car, this group of pelicans were hanging out. They didn't move even when we were about two feet away from them! 

It was totally worth stopping just for this photo.

We didn't stay long after sunrise. We jumped in the car and went back to Universal Studios for our last day. It was so much busier than the days that we had gone before, so we stuck to watching shows and doing activities that Madeleine could do.

Ball blaster

Dr. Suess ride
We left shortly after lunch and headed back to Downtown Disney for food.

Madeleine got to ride the choo choo one last time.

And then we went to the hotel and left the next morning on Christmas Eve. We had perfect weather the whole time we were in Florida, but as we left it started raining.

We got home just time for an awesome Christmas.

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