Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

 I had so much fun getting things together for Christmas morning! Matt helped me rearrange the living room a bit so that we had a bit more room than normal. When we woke up this morning, our living room looked like this.

The tent was full of some of Madeleine's favorite toys and books and a new soft blanket. 

 We also set up our Nativity that my friend Rachel made for us. Madeleine plays with it all year round. She's very particular that Mary holds Baby Jesus.

We didn't take many pictures after she woke up. She was so excited. She isn't into wrapping paper like most toddlers, but once it was off she was would squeal and show us whatever she got.

After that, Matt treated us to bacon, eggs, and potatoes. We even got some orange juice. 

The rest of the day is pretty low key. We are watching Cars 2 and making pizza.

Merry Christmas, and I hope your day is wonderful too. 


  1. What a lovely Christmas morning! Also, Tea Rex is one of the best kid books ever. SO hilarious :D

    1. I really love that book! It's seriously one of my favorites to read to her. The one underneath is actually her favorite. It's Count the Monkeys. If you have it at your library, you should read it! It's pretty funny too.

  2. So happy you made your Christmas so cozy and special. Thanks for posting. PS - I love the trolls :)

    1. I love the trolls too. I was so excited to get them for her and it seems like she loves them so far.