Monday, December 29, 2014

Trip to Florida: 3 and 4

Day 3

I woke up at 5:30 and threw everyone in the car so we could start our next adventure. I really wanted to go a farmer's market and I had finally found one that was two hours into our trip to South Florida. Similarly to Downtown Disney, this was a wonderful accidentally find! This little town was beautiful!

We got breakfast and a some fruit there. It was so yummy, and I was thrilled to see that breakfast was served with hot sauce that was actually hot. I miss real hot food in New Jersey.  

I wish we lived near this farmer's market! After a while, we piled up in the car for the last hour drive to Boca Raton (I lived there as a kid). We headed straight to the beach. It was heavenly. Matt thought I was strange because on our honeymoon I loved the California beaches but I refused to get in the water. When I stepped back in the Boca beach water, I immediately remembered why. In December the water was 74 degrees. It was clear blue and when I got out of the water I didn't freeze to death. That's how the ocean ought to be. :D Madeleine still hates getting in the water, so we built a track for the tennis ball that I brought.

We hopped over across the street to a little museum called the Gumbo Limbo. It is a research/museum place that studies the beach and helps injured sea turtles.

It was sad seeing turtles with cracked shells and missing limbs from boats and garbage. Most of them recover and go back to the ocean.

After that we found a great Mexican restaurant and watched movies until we went to sleep.

Day 4
We woke up early for the sunrise on the beach and then went to church. 

 After church we took Madeleine to a park I used to go to as a kid to burn off some energy.

And stopped by to get proper Southern ice cream.

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