Friday, December 26, 2014

Turning 2

Madeleine turned 2 today! Matt and I feel keep patting ourselves on the back for keeping her alive for these two years. It seems pretty amazing.

I woke up early this morning before she woke up to grab a few things for her birthday. It totally didn't work out according to plan and she was awake when I got home. I was trying to surprise her with breakfast in bed, but she was starving. So we gave her cheerios until the cinnamon rolls were done. I lit the candles and we sang to her...and then she burst into tears.

Matt and I just looked at each other. What was she crying about? Then she started picking up the candles and handing them to Matt.

After she took them out, she blew them out. To quote Matt,

"Ask yourself, how would you feel? You woke up on your birthday and your mother made you delicious food, BUT IT'S ON FIRE!!!"

We headed over to the Please Touch museum in Philadelphia for the first time. Matt and I were bored, but Madeleine loved it. She spent 3 hours there before we made her leave because we were starving. 

She put baby dolls through the MRI.

She went on a carousel. 

She spent hours shopping at the pretend grocery store. It was wonderful. The older kids loved playing check out and the toddlers were the crazy grocery store shoppers. Madeleine made friends with one of the check out girls and they had a little system going. It was pretty cute.

Ballpit Excavator

We finished up her day with lunch/dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. :) Madeleine got to pick out a cheesecake and then they sang to her. She was thrilled by the sprinkles, and again, took out the candle before blowing it out.

In conclusion, we love Madeleine. We love how intelligent and creative she's become. We love how compassionate and considerate she can be, including the neck hugs after she accidentally goes Hulk with her incredibly sharp fingernails. Looking forward to the next year! I'll put a regular update on her development when we go to the Dr. in a few weeks.

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  1. Loved hearing about the day! Happy B-Day to Madeleine!