Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY Accent Wall

So this is before...
and this is after.

And here another angle.

What do you think?
Like it? Don't like it?

When I first put it up, I actually really hated it. The room felt so busy and cluttered, but the wall definitely what you look at first when you walk in the room.

Then I cleaned the room up and started really liking it. And now after a few days, this is what I figured out. I can't stand accent wall with a messy room. It looks 100x messier if there is almost anything on the floor. Madeleine was playing with her doll house and legos this morning and it felt a bit too cramped. Luckily the living room only takes about 5 minutes to clean (we shaved off about 5 minutes) thanks to our new shoe organizer!!!  

I don't think I've been this in love with an organizer before. Madeleine can reach the bottom 2 rows, so that's where her toys go, and then the rest is all of our shoes.  It's so easy just to shove toys into a hanging pocket then putting them away in Madeleine's room.

It cost $11 on amazon. :) And the wall was not my DIY. It's actually done with paint sharpie and you can find a great tutorial on how to do it here at Vintage Rival. I'm in love with her blog. The sharpie "wall paper" goes great with our sharpie Calvin and Hobbs posters. By the way, I just want to point out that Matt has come a long way with trusting me on projects. If I pitched this idea of drawing on the walls 6 months ago, he would have said no. This time he let me. Yay for trust. :)

So do you like it? Is it too busy? Would you ever draw on your walls? And any other sharpie seems like we are big on them.

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  1. I like it! I'm seriously impressed with how straight those lines are