Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some DIY in Goobie's room

So last time I posted, (Matt did the last post) I talked about putting a twin bed in Madeleine's room and hating it. Since then we all have added our own talents to the room to help it feel more homey.

I made the pillows.

This pillow was made from fabric I already had. I bought it at a garage sale here in Princeton for a quarter. Can't beat that!

This pillowcase was already made, but I freezer stenciled the design onto the pillow. It was my first time trying it, and I love how it turned out!

Matt's and Madeleine's contributions are on this side of the room.

Madeleine's was clearly the art work. It photographed a little weird since the windows were open, but Madeleine was reading a book so I didn't want to shut them. I really love having these finger paint paintings on the wall. They are so bold and really brighten up the room.

Madeleine's favorite part of the room (and every other kid or baby that goes in there) is Matt's DIY.

He made these space shuttles models and hung them on her ceiling. He loved putting them together and seriously all the kids love looking at them. Even the two month old baby who was over this morning couldn't stop staring at them. Madeleine points to them whenever she is eating, and she frequently tries to trick me into picking her up by them so that she can touch them. What I like about them is that they are so light that if they fell on any baby or kid, the child would be fine. That's actually a big criteria for anything that goes into Madeleine's room, so I'm grateful that Matt put something that was safe and really cool.


  1. Hi Michele, Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I had to comment on this post because it's really striking how you've made Madeleine's room so colourful and playful, managed to get a look that mixes modern and vintage, and I love that it's not gendered!!

    1. Thanks so much! We've made it our goal to have her room's color pallet rainbow. I've really enjoyed reading your blog! Each post makes me think a bit about my life, and your goodread account has been fun to follow too.