Monday, April 28, 2014

Recap of last night

Sunday, 10:28 PM - We hear the door open. A very flushed face baby head pokes out behind the door. We are supposed to be going to sleep in two minutes but instead Matt walks to the fridge to grab a bottle while I pick up our hot crying baby.

Sunday, 11:08 PM- I tell Matt he has to go to bed if he is going to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning. He kisses us goodnight and gets ready for bed.

Sunday, 11:16 AM - Madeleine has a coughing attack and coughs up a lot of gross stuff while her face turns from flushed to fever to all red. I shout for Matt and he comes out to help me. We take her temp and it's just over 102.

Monday, 12:06 AM- Madeleine gets out of her 3rd bath for the night. After getting a diaper on her, we try to get her to drink. Her fever has broken.

Monday, 12:17 AM- Matt is really tired and starts setting up camp to sleep in Madeleine's room. Meanwhile, I'm syringing water into Madeleine's mouth. For some reason, she thinks anything out of a syringe is the best thing ever. I syring a sippy cup worth of water into Madeleine's mouth.  Even though I think it's ridiculous, I'm really grateful that we at least found someway to get her to take liquids.

Monday, 12:25 AM - I tuck her into her bed with Matt sleeping next to her. I start getting ready for bed.

Monday, 12:32  AM- Check on them...they are both asleep.

Monday, 12:47 AM- I climb in bed and turn off the lights.

Monday, 12:49 AM - Madeleine is standing next to my bed talking.

Monday, 1:03 AM- I'm in the kitchen feeding Madeleine falafel.

Monday, 1:49 AM - I put her next to sleeping Matt. She curls up and goes to sleep. I then finally go to sleep in my own bed.

Monday, 4:22 AM- I feel tapping on my face. Madeleine is standing next to me on the bed. I pull her down next to me. Her fever is back, but she curls up next to me asleep.

Monday, 6:30 AM- Alarm goes off...I'm awake, but I don't want to wake up the sleeping baby next to me. Every time I move at all she starts whining in her sleep. So I stay put enjoying the baby cuddles.

Monday 7:10 AM- I get sick of playing pillow. I move and she wakes up screaming in protest. Matt wakes up. He gets her a sippy cup and they curl up back to sleep in her bed.

Monday 8:30 AM- I bug Matt to get up. He says he'll wake up when Madeleine wakes up.

Monday, 9:23 AM- Matt gets up. Madeleine although still sick seems much better. Matt and I are exhausted while she runs around the house like a crazy baby.

That was our night last night. It's kind of funny, because after being parents for a year, this isn't even something to complain about. It's nothing compared to when she was a newborn, and after being parents for over a year, we can pretty easily adjust our schedules to compensate for sleeping in or being sleep deprived. Two years ago missing this much sleep would have been more than a minor blip, and the idea of syringing water to get a baby to drink would have been a horror story that we would have laughed at and been grateful that it wasn't us.

But those horror stories don't feel like that awful when we go through them for the most part. They are part of life. We shrug and then move on, and only when we look back we realize just how ridiculous the whole thing was.

Hence why I bothered to document this.

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