Sunday, April 27, 2014

a simple Sunday

Madeleine woke up last night with a high fever that continued all day today. She's acting normal so we're pretty sure it's teething, but we kept her home from church just to be careful. She spent her day cuddling with us and drinking chocolate milkshakes. Matt and I hate seeing her sick, but cuddle sessions are becoming so rare that we spent the day fighting over who gets to take care of her.

Sophie got plenty of cuddles too.

Other than taking care of her, Matt worked on the space ship models that he has been making for her room. They look great and I've been learning so much about the history of flight. Matt loves talking about each ship, and we have had a blast of talking and learning together about everything to do with space. I love small projects like this. It seems like we usually have something new to learn about in our home and I really hope that never stops.

We ended our night making falafels. I love them and last time we tried making was disastrous. This time we tried this recipe. Oh they were beyond perfect. Matt gave them a 10/10. They were crispy and full of so much flavor. With both of us making them, it didn't take to long and I'm fairly certain this will be a new staple in our diet, especially now that we try to eat vegetarian at least 3 days a week.

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