Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Egg Hunts

I have so not been up to date with our blog, and I feel slightly guilty about it, but...
Spring is here!!! And we are outside everyday for most of the day. It's been beautiful. I have never had a "real" spring. Just a few months ago everything was dead, but now everywhere we look there are flowers and blossoms. Staying inside and blogging has little appeal when we can be outside.

We had an awesome Easter, even though we didn't do much to celebrate. Easter is a bit tricky for us. I feel like we should celebrate it more than we do, but neither Matt or I have any ideas how to celebrate it. We need to work on that, but for this year we just made it as stressless as possible.

On Saturday, we went to a church Easter party. We did things relating to the last week of Christ's life and then there was an Easter egg hunt. Madeleine was too young for most of the activities but she did write a thank you card to some soldier in her own scribble language. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt. We weren't sure if she would understand Easter egg hunting, since Christmas went way over her head, but we brought her out with her age group.

It took Matt a few times showing her the eggs and putting them in  her basket, but once she figured it out...she was hooked.

After she gathered a few eggs, one of them broke open. She saw the chocolate and knew what it was immediately. After that a new quest was downloaded into her brain, collect as much chocolate as possible.

After she had carefully gathered her dozen eggs, we started herding her towards the car. She sobbed when we took away her basket, so we could buckle her in. We figured it wouldn't hurt for her to hold the basket while we drove home. It was only ten minutes away.

When we pulled up to the Chemistry lab to drop Matt off, he looked in the back set to kiss her. "Uh...Michele, there is something in her mouth." That something turned out to be a big ball of tinfoil. She sucked all the chocolate out the wrappers and just held the wrappers in her cheeks. I guess we should have learned better after Halloween.

The rest of the day Madeleine and her basket were inseparable. She even had to sleep with it.  

On Easter day, we did yet another Easter egg hunt with our community. Madeleine was prepared this time. She went out there with a determined little walk. Not even the swings could sway her from her hunting down the eggs.

There were 5 little kids there hunting for eggs, and Madeleine found 14 out of 40 eggs. The other two kids about her age only found 3-4 each, and Madeleine had a really difficult time not taking their eggs out of their baskets.

When we got home, we made dinner for the sister missionaries in our church and had a beautiful evening outside. We felt close to God and very loved. It was a great ending for Easter weekend.

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  1. Love your photos and details. Madeline is so cute!!!