Monday, March 31, 2014

Lambing at Howell's

 We love our little friends in our neighborhood so much.
We play with them almost every single day, and this week we planned a field trip together to Howell's Living History farm. I'm not really sure what a living history farm is. All I know is that it's free and there's animals. This weekend was "lambing" weekend, meaning that they were introducing everyone to the new baby animals. So we put the kids in the cars and off we went.

As an adult, it wasn't that exciting, but for the Tiny people the sheep were the best things ever. Even Eleanora liked the sheep (the other animals were a bit scary.) So we spent probably close to a half hour just looking and sometimes petting the sheep.

The lambs did not disappoint. They were adorable! They jumped and bleated and were just too cute. 
Madeleine had a melt down every time we tried to go see another animal.

We finally were able to tear Madeleine away from sheep. We saw baby chicks, cows, chickens, geese, and horses. Both Madeleine and her little friend Beatrice loved the horses. I was a bit nervous though because these were giant work horses and all that was separating Madeleine and the horse was a small rope that she could walk under.

It was raining for a lot of our trip, but it was beautiful.

The kids lasted a hour and half to our surprise, so we grabbed a bit to eat before heading home.
...just so we could all play outside together after nap.

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  1. Matt's great grandma and her aunt (who was the same age) were running around the yard as toddlers and suddenly headed for the gate where the family work horse was tied. They ran right under her belly. Great great grandma Hale was watching with her heart in her mouth. But that smart, patient mare just looked down and very carefully moved her feet to let them through without stepping on either one.