Friday, March 28, 2014

15 meses

Coming in at 2'6" and around 21 lbs 9 oz, our Goobie is 15 months old!

She walks, runs, climbs, and even jumps on a trampoline.
She has discovered the silverware drawer and the joy of standing on the coffee table.
She can also reach some things on the counter and loves helping me with the dishes.

She loves her dolls, cars, and musical instruments.

Her big thing right now is organizing.
I was in the kitchen the other night and she bent over and opened her oven.
She pulled out three of my tupperware that were full of magnets.
Apparently they were done cooking.

She can climb onto our bed...which has surprised us 
She loves playing peekaboo in the curtains and making sure the fire and carbon monoxide detectors work.

Unlike me, she has a sense of directions.
She knows where her little friends live in the neighborhood, and when we go outside, she runs straight to their houses. She also knows where our neighborhood playground is, and more importantly the swings.

She sleeps twelve hours a night with a solid nap at noon.

She loves food.
Spicy, bitter, sour, sweet, she doesn't care.
She eats curry and peppers, along with many other things that most babies stay away from.
Her favorites are olives, dark chocolate, and sourdough bread.

She doesn't talk much, but boy does she know how to communicate.
If she wants to read, she'll grab and book, climb onto the couch, and sit on your lap with the book. If she wants to eat, she'll bring you either the food or her plate and spoon. Bathtime, she'll sit in the bathtub, and my favorite is nap time, she'll bring me her blanket and doll.

She does say a few words though, "mama", "dada", "daw" (dog), "duck", "woof", and lately "uh oh". Her favorite word by far is "Hi" followed closely by "bye".

She's man shy right now. She prefers females to males at the moment.
When we go somewhere, she'll always greet any woman, but hides behind my legs if it's a man.
She also only likes being held by women, the only exception is Matt who she absolutely still adores.

She's friendly and headstrong. She walks around holding my hand, when she doesn't want to be held. She gives hugs and smiles to strangers and loves being with other people.

Matt and I absolutely adore this stage.
She's adorable, sweet, and sleeps.
She also doesn't cry much anymore unless she's tired or hungry.
We spend most of our time watching her be crazy or soaking up her kisses.
She's wonderful, and we are so grateful that she's our goobie.

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