Monday, March 24, 2014

3 years ago

3 years ago yesterday we got engaged.
We didn't do anything special for the occasion, but we did go on a walk as a family before church.

There is this wildlife preserve near our church building with a trail next to the canal that we walked down. It was cold and muddy, but Madeleine was thrilled for some reason. Matt and I were just happy that we got out of the house for a bit. One of our new goals as a family is to play outside more together.

The trail was pretty in a dead way. It was really quiet with the occasional hard core runner panting by every so often. Apparently it is over 10 miles long. We got maybe half a mile before turning back to get ready for church. Part of it loops right by our current apartment, so maybe next time we'll explore that part.

Matt and I were content watched our offspring run on all over the trail. It took a good five minutes for her to realize that the water was only a few feet away. She then held our hands for a bit but it didn't take long for her to get tired of that. At that point, Matt just threw her on his shoulders.

Matt and I were talking about our engage-aversary later. When he asked me to marry him, neither of us had any idea what our lives would be like even in the next year. We just knew that whatever the future was that we wanted to do it together. We are both happy and content now three years later. We love each other and our cute offspring. Both Matt and I have been working hard at our faults and problem areas of our marriage, and right now future is looking pretty wonderful. 

(We tried to take a few family photos. We were only able to take four before we got too cold...and this was sadly the best one)

Part of me feels silly for celebrating all of these random milestones. But I think it's good to have random dates to do a check up on our marriage. It's nice to think back to when it all started, and right now it's even nicer to see where we are.

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