Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Einstein! (And pi day)

I love living in Princeton, and the fact that there is a three day festival about pi just makes it more awesome. Princeton celebrates Mr. Albert Einstein's birthday at the same time, because he was actually born on pi day! That man was destined to be a genius from the start. ;)

We sadly missed most of the festivities, but on the last day, we had a family date to the pi social hour at our lovely library. It was amazing activity and we had so much fun.

The pi day basket at the front desk of the library
When we got there the party was already in full swing. The band PiFight was rocking out, and people were enjoying themselves inside and outside of the library. 

Madeleine immediately found other tiny minions to dance, sing, and climb on fences with, so while Matt was busy watching her, I went to the cupcake shop across the street for pi cupcakes.

Madeleine rocking out

Princeton colors never looked so good. We sat outside, loving the beautiful weather and our community. Other parents and dog owners chatted with us and their dog pets and small humans played with each other. After an hour of that, it was time to sing happy birthday and eat cake!

The cake was tiger striped inside, which was a cute nod to Princeton.

On our way out of the library, I asked if I could have their poster...it's now framed and hanging in our bathroom.

When the sun started going down, we headed out to grab some pizza pie, before Matt went back up to work.

It was a fabulous family outing. Hopefully next year we can go to a few more celebrations.

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