Saturday, March 9, 2013

Family Day Out

Matt was gone to Northwestern the last few days, but he changed his flight and came home at noon today. I had not been planning on him coming home that early, so we had an impromptu family day.

We fueled up at In 'n' Out, before heading over to our destination, Vintage White Flee Market up in Salt Lake. 

We were a little bummed that we had to pay for parking, but Madeleine got us out of paying for Matt. Matt asked the lady if he was just there as the official babysitter if he had to pay. She thought Madeleine was cute, and let him come in free. Yay for cute offspring!

Utah is kind of funny about deals. Some things are awesome prices, while other...are basically full price.
We found some awesome things though. We got a stool so I can actually reach stuff in the kitchen, a 1940s baby hat for Madeleine, and some children's books. I wanted to get her a frilly headband, but no one there sold any. There were some real jems though.

We visited a few friends in Salt Lake and on the way to Nina's bridal shower in Lehi, we stopped by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Matt and I hadn't been there since the day we got married. It was just as windy and beautiful as the day we got married. It was pretty neat thinking that a year and half ago we started off as newlyweds. I don't think we quite knew just how wonderful the next year and half would be.

 We spent the whole day together as a family, which honestly I don't think we have had enough of lately. Later this week we get to go to Boston. I might be just more than a little excited.

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