Monday, March 18, 2013

All smiles here!

 This is the 1940s hat we got baby at the vintage flee markey. 
We think she looks like a baby version of the Greek God, Hermes.

Since Baby can sit up pretty well, Matt decided to put her up on his sholders.
They were having a swell time until Baby got so excited that she goo-ed all over him.

Baby in the process of gooing

All smiles here!

When we were getting discharged from the hospital, one of the other moms asked how we would know if our babies were okay. The nurse told us that babies make plenty of noises in their sleep. 
Madeleine is an especially squeaky one. Here is just 30 sec of her sleeping.
I'm not sure just how normal that is for a 11 week baby, but Matt and I really like this feature of hers.


  1. The video wouldn't play, but I did enjoy the pictures of baby Hermia (which was the first girl-form of Hermes that came to mind, and also happens to be a character in a Shakespearean comedy).

  2. Yes, fix the video? Please? I want to hear her squeak. :)