Monday, July 9, 2012


Michele likes crepes
Michele's tummy at 12 weeks.
Baby likes being 12 weeks and 2 days, (it waved to us)
We arrived in Mexico. Our luggage was sure easy to find. 
Mexican can fold towels in really cool ways.
Us in front of the Mayan calender

At the beach (There is a tractor behind us that they were trying to load. They ended up breaking the truck.)
"Big tippers go to heaven." Well, we sure aren't going there then.
Michele would be an awful captain.
Shopping at Bath and Body Works' semi-annual sale
We watched Brave in 3-D.
Yesterday we set up the baby crib...and stuck all the baby stuff we have in it. We clearly have more shopping to do.
Fabric Michele picked out for receiving blankets. (No, we don't know the gender yet.)
Michele's current project
What Matt just finished reading
What Michele just finished reading
That is basically our last month in a nutshell. Michele has been eating fruit snacks and volunteering at the old folks home for her internship. Matt has been working and trying to break his chip habit. Untitled Nielsen is making Michele sick but is apparently growing.

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