Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Untitled Offspring

To our Untitled Offspring,

           There are 160 days until the day you are supposed to come to this world. That is slightly longer than the time your father and I were engaged (142 days). I planned a wedding in that amount of time, but looking at pinterest…I am not sure how mothers prepare for a baby’s arrive in a mere 280 days.

So to make sure you know what kind of family you are coming to, I figured I would dedicate this blog post to what you should expect when you are living in our family.

First, of aren't coming home to your own room. 


For at least the first 4 months of your life, you'll be within 2 feet from our bed.  I know some of your little buddies in heaven are coming to Earth with bedrooms like this...

or even this...

But you will have a good second-hand crib that we bought on craig's list, with mismatched bedding that I have made over the years. It's bright and happy, and according to my Infancy text book you will like that much better, since your eye sight will stink, but you'll still be able to pick out the contrasting blobs. (Cheap>Mental simulation>aesthetic appeal). 

Also, some of the blankets have pink, all of them have blue. I am totally into dressing babyies in "gender appropriate colors", but when it comes to your room, it will be all colors of the rainbow. 

As for your wall art...there is no way you'll have this in your room.

No offence, but I want more kids. I feel like I'm telling other baby spirits to skip over our family and go to another one, by putting this quote up.

But as soon the crib was up, I squealed at your father that I knew the exactly what we should put above your crib! Our Evil Lair sign!!!! So no matter what your gender is you will have this above your bed...

And when your eyesight gets a little better, you might even be able to see the glow in the dark stars that are on the ceiling, that your dad so carefully mapped out. (They aren't above your bed though, just ours. :D)

And this will probably be your stuffed animal, because I'm totally in love with it. And as your dad said, who would not like dinosaurs??

(If you are a girl, I'll sew a bow on it's head, okay?)
Also, growing'll never be forced to sit on something like this...

If you do ever end up sitting on one of those, I'll make you a deal. If you can read it, you don't have to sit in time out anymore.

Also, you'll starve before, I ever make a lunch like this. But don't worry, of all things in this home, we eat well, and I'm sure loving food is part of your DNA. You'll learn hopefully early on, that there are better things to eat for lunch than a sandwich everyday. 

We'll sing dorky songs such as this...

And read you tons of books like this...
and this..
oh and this...

Your dad is thrilled to buy lego sets, for him you to play with -- with him, of course.
We'll encourage you to play in mud, cook, and learn to clean up your messes. Know that shoes are always optional, but we'll find something is definitively not.

We have no clue what we are doing yet as future parents, but just know, pinterest is not our guide. We'll figure it as we go...probably with google, wanted-advice, books, and then finially trial-and-error.

With love,
your future mother


  1. Actually, your current mother.

  2. You are so cute Michele!! You guys are going to be awesome and such fun parents!!