Saturday, July 21, 2012


This is Lance, our Lancer. We bought him today!

Isn't he cute?

Buying him was one of the most stressful things we have done, while being married, but it was actually a really good experience all around.

Matt and I have almost no car knowledge between the two of us. When we first bounced around the idea of buying a car, we felt really overwhelmed. We could buy a used car online...but both of us knew that we would need a lot of luck for us to pick a good one out. 

So we went to Sergio. He has known me since I was like 5, and of all people, he knows cars. He conveniently just moved here from Florida and is now working at the Orem Mazda.  I told Matt the best place for us to start was probably with him.

He spent half of the time laughing at us. At one point he told Matt that would he was the saber tooth tiger, and Matt would be cute little prey, except Matt was married to me. :) So Sergio helped us pick a good car, and one of the ones he suggested was Lance.

After test driving around for a half hour, we really liked Lance, and decided to buy him. Matt turned white during most of the paper work, but he did great! And after a while, we finally got the keys!

So yeah, we are grown ups...with a car now! (That we own a fraction of -- Matt) (with our baby seat that I was excited to stick in it -- Michele) (-- and seriously, "Lance"? Where's the imagination in that? -- Matt) (At least we have better baby names -- Michele)

Other random pictures...

Matt gave me a having-a-baby-in-you-seems-to-suck-so-here-is-something-shiny-to-help-you-feel-better necklace.
(Wish I'd known we were getting a car the next week -- Matt)
(You stink! -- Michele)
Our "bloomin' bread"
This is our tomato.
Our cute little garden hasn't been doing so well,  so to our surprise, after not watering ours for a week, we walked out and we had a red tomato. I really feel like it's a miracle.

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  1. So excited for you two! Can't wait to see it! So many good things in your new lives together.