Sunday, June 10, 2012

Loving Marriage

 I know I’ve been awful about updating. We’ve been sleeping and working. (Matt might be growing so he is sleeping as much as me lately.) But here is something cute that I wanted to type up really fast before I forgot.

So, I was on pinterest looking up love quotes tonight. We had Matt’s old roommates over and we had just started settling down for the night. (Okay, I was. Matt was cleaning, but I think that’s his version of getting ready for bed in a way.)

When I came to the last one, I looked up at Matt. He was putting away the laundry. (That is my least favorite chore ever. A few nights ago, I even had a dream that Matt married a second wife just to do the laundry, because he got sick of doing it.) He saw me grinning at him, and accidently threw a sock at my head. I threw it back at him a few times, before he came over and kissed me.

I love our marriage. We’ve been married almost 10 months, and every day I like it a little more. We fight. We laugh. We discuss random things.

Last night I read a book on Matt’s lap while he played xbox. When I wanted him to read part of what I was reading, he would pause it or have me read it out loud, and then talk to me about it. It felt like a pretty perfect night.

This first year of marriage has been 100x better than dating or being engaged. If this one year is my happily ever after, I’ll take it. 

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