Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How We Procrastinated Writing Essays

Yesterday was Pioneer Day here in Utah, which meant Matt got the day off.

We had planned for it be a very productive day (writing essays all day long), but after playing bingo with the old people, the last thing we felt like doing was writing.

I decided my form of procrastinating my essays would be sewing receiving blankets for offspring. I got out my sewing machine and started sewing. But after an hour frustration, I looked at Matt in defeat. Sewing a quilt without a cutting mat is really hard!

We tried to think of a solution...but we couldn't find any. Matt glanced at the coffee table...and I did too, where the innocent looking Joann's coupons were sitting. 

This week there were some awesome coupons...and we didn't have to walk all the way up there, because we have Lance! 

Matt -- "We can just drive up to Joann's if you want. I mean you do have to practice driving."

Me -- "Yeah...but we aren't supposed to spend money."

5 minutes later we were in the car to buy a cutting board.

When we got home, Matt worked on finishing the receiving blanket and I worked on my new project.

He was better than me and actually worked on his essay for an hour. I spent the whole night sewing.

So here are a few pictures of our projects...

Back of Receiving Blanket 1
Front of Receiving Blanket 1
Back of Receiving Blanket 2
Sorry I can't get this darker! It's a dinosaur on the back of Receiving  Blanket 2.
(If you click it, you can see it a lot easier. This is also the one Matt did. I love it!)
I have so many drives Matt crazy. But I saw this online! I was so excited to make them. 
Other sides
All the naked blocks that we still need to sew. It's our super effective front door alarm right now. 
It's a good thing Matt's mom dropped off some baby clothes, because so far all we had are lots blankets to wrap our naked, diaper-less baby in. She at least made sure regardless of the gender, our baby will have 2 outfits. That's enough, right? Right? (We don't like sewing clothes...)

I still have 4 more essays to write this week, and Matt still has several more drafts of his personal statement -- which translates we have a lot more papers to procrastinate. I'll probably post a few more times this week too...after all blogging is another great way to procrastinate. 

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