Friday, April 27, 2012

We are Family

I know there are not a lot of good things about funerals, but one of the bonuses is everyone comes together. And in this case, my family has. Relatives have been coming in for the last week, and our house is bursting at its seams with people. It is rarely quiet, and our front lawn has been turned into a parking lot. How much fun is that? Here are just a few pictures from today.

This is Princess Polly. She and her sister, Maggie, are Mema's dogs.
Elena, Jake, and Izzy
Rayn (She has jelly on her nose)
Izzy and Rayn
Matt was playing with Rayn for a while...
I think he was getting sick of playing with Dora the Explorer and her friends. :) 
Me and Rayn
Sisters! Elena and Izzy
Elena and Rayn (I think this is too cute)
Maddie and Elena
Izzy! She lost her 2nd front tooth today. So cute right?
Later another caravan of people arrived.
Even though it was freezing, we still all came out to greet them.

Later we even had time to sing a few songs
and hang out around the campfire...with smores,of course. 
Peace out. Tyler and Jose style.

Tomorrow is the funeral, but at least we are all together as a family. All my uncles are here, and all but 3 of my cousins are. Even though tomorrow will be a hard day, we'll get through it. After all, we are family, and together we can do anything. 

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