Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photos that were lost on the camera...

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I am queen at not remembering if the camera card is in the camera. Matt 90% of the time has to stick the camera card back in the camera after I upload pictures. Today I realized that one picture was missing that I wanted to put up, and I found it on the camera...with 8 more pictures.

So tada! Here they are...
This was our breakfast burrito Easter breakfast....Does it kind of look like a chick and an egg?
On Jake's birthday I was stuck at Cabella's for a few hours. That is NOT one of my favorite stores. Now I realize other people love it, and that's great, but it is not my cup of tea. But while I was there I found a lot of interesting things. These were two things that I thought were worth taking pictures of (Well before the camera died).
Have a favorite stuffed animal that you don't want to get rid of?
Mount it on a board. It looks more grown up, and then stick it on a wall.
I think I would have nightmares of my teddy bears ending up there as a kid.
Okay so these guys are actually kind of cute,
but after seeing dog heads embroiderer on towels,
even these guys kinda scared me.
"The prophet said to plant a garden and that's what we'll do"
Matt and I got a garden plot!! Matt has been taking care of the whole thing
since I have been taking care of funeral stuff with my mom.
But, I'm so excited! I really hope our little seeds come up. 
Our trees right outside our window have blossomed.
I love the pink flowers. They have been raining down petals,
and I feel like a princess whenever I walk to the door
on my own pink carpet.   

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