Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gold Star Husband

Matt is not home, so I wanted to brag about him a bit. During the last week and half, he has been a gold star husband.

A few bigger and not as cute things he has done...
§          He didn’t complain that life was crazy during finals week.

§          He let me cancel my ticket last minute, even though we didn’t get reimbursed (I didn’t buy the “insurance” on the ticket for full refund incase of death. Also that’s a pretty big deal for someone that is as money conscience as he is.)

§          He drove up to get my uncle at the airport the night before the Chem GRE, because everyone else was out of town (We offered to get someone else to do it, but he said he would).

§          He organized and cleaned the house up after our finals week pig sty, all by himself! (I was very grateful for this. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home from Arizona was clean our home.)

Small things that made me happy
§                  Helped me figure out what to do for Mother’s Day, and then helped me buy what I needed.

§                  Took me out to Tucano’s, because I didn’t feel like making dinner.

§                  Planted our garden, because I wasn’t home to do it.

§                  Figured out which plants we could plant here, since I am only good with dead flowers.

§                  Bought Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver at Walmart, because I had been waiting for it to come out for months.

§                  Read Altas Shrugged just so I could have someone to talk about it with. (True love right there. Who reads a 1,000+ page book just to make their wife happy?)

§                  Grab In’n’Out for Danielle and me while we were shopping, since both of us were hungry.

Then this morning, after I kept him up half the night (I wasn’t feeling well), rolled over and hug me, and said “Good morning beautiful” in my ear. I’m not sure if he knows this song, but I do, and it’s been making me smile all morning.  

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