Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedding Photos

On our way to our awesome date (which Matt apparently wants to write about if he has the time), Matt and I got a copy of the CD of our wedding photos! They are beautiful, and we wanted to share some them with everyone who does not have access to our facebook account.

Our Families
Matt's Parents
Us and Matt's Grandfather who sealed us
My Sweet Bridesmaids
The Handsome Groomsmen
Wanna know a secret? We're married now.
My handsome hubby
Getting ready for the reception
My shoes...don't they look princess-y?

This is my favorite
We were so excited for this sign. Probably was our favorite decoration.
Beginning of our ring ceremony
Running down the hill
I loved our cake
My favorite family picture
These are just a handful of hundreds we have from our special day. The weather was gorgeous, and everyone seemed as happy as we were. Nonetheless, I think our marriage has been more amazing than our wedding. I'm so glad I'm married to my cute husband. He says if he wasn't so stressed about homework he would have something cute to say...but he can only think about his essay at the moment. So you'll have to ask him how he feels about our marriage when you see him next.


  1. These photos are beautiful! I love your yellow bridesmaid dresses (great minds think alike, my wedding colors were blue and yellow) and the picture of you guys running down the hill is so cute. I couldn't agree more, weddings are just the beginning of something far more wonderful. Marriage is awesome!

  2. The perfect princess wedding! I love looking at your wedding pics <3 :)

  3. Ah thanks so much! I love our pictures too. (Matt is just so handsome.)

    And at Michaela Rae...our home is all done up in blue and yellow. My husband's favorite color is yellow and mine is blue. :)