Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smile is the best accessory (well except for a man)

I'm so excited!!

I got one of my favorite books of all time in the mail Saturday. This is like copy number four, because everytime I lend it out, I never get it back. I don't mind though. I understand the "I don't like giving back book" thing very well, and really this book is way too awesome to give back.

What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should)

To say it's brilliant is an understatement, and it is full of delicious words and phrases, like "When Love Doesn't Treat You Like a Lady, Teach It Better Manners."


I honestly can't say enough about how amazing this book is. So anyway I was reading it yesterday in the chapter, "Pretty is as Pretty Does," and there is this amazing list of 18 things that a girl can do to look pretty. I'll probably post all of them up here at one point, but for today I'm just focusing on one.

Make a practice of carrying a slight smile on your face. No turned-down corners on your mouth – even when you’re sitting at your computer, reading a book, or watching TV. As we grow older, our faces settle into positions – let yours be settled in a turned-up smile.

So how do you want to look?
Example #1 (doesn't she kinda look like a frog?)

Example #2
Example #3
I love the third one. Techincally Princess Fiona is an ogre, so maybe when I'm old I'll look like that. But can't you tell that all these people must have been pretty amusing and funny when they were growing up?

Smiling is a really good way to make people feel comfortable around you. Think, all the evil villains are not capable of a good smile that looks nice and friendly. They get that look that looks more like they are in pain than actually smiling. If someone is in trouble and they want help, they are not going to approach someone that looks like they are going to eat them.

Haha, so I'll turn you into a tiny little flee....

Princesses are also suppose to help and be loving. They are kind and gentle, and make the world a better place just by existing. How are you suppose to help people and bring world peace and stuff if people won't go to you?

A smile is also a princess's best weapon. Smiles have the ability to help charm a girl into getting whatever she wants. Smiling disarms an angry person, and makes a sad person want to feel better. Kind words and a real smile are really good medicine to a really crappy day. Finally, a smile is the cheapest way to make an ugly outfit better. After all,
Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. “ -Janet Lane

Love ya,
Princess Michele

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