Friday, January 6, 2012

Bring on 2012!

Our New Year’s Eve was awesome, because we made a blanket fort.

Me in our awesome 2012 Fort (and Christmas lights!)

Okay, to confess, it was all an accident. After all the other holidays, we did not plan anything for New Year’s Eve. As college students, staying up until midnight is normal, and actually, the nights we are in bed by midnight are a cause of celebration in themselves. On top of that, it was not like it was any surprise whom we were going to kiss at midnight. (“Hey honey, it’s 11:48. You should kiss me in 12 min.” “Oh okay.”) All in all, it looked like it was going to be a pretty typical night.

But then, Matt had to give me my wonderful sewing machine, which immediately made the crafty wheels in my head think of a long list of projects I wanted to do. Since I still had some Christmas money left, we spent most of December 31st running to a range of stores to pick up the items for my various projects. 

We were home by 6ish, ate dinner by 7ish, and then the crafting began. I started cutting different pieces of fabric, while Matt read Sherlock Holmes. After awhile though his curiosity got the better of him and soon, he was sewing too. While he was working on the lunch bag he was making, I decided to start staining our wooden bed frame. I thought it was a great idea. School was not starting for a few more days, giving the bed plenty of time to dry and it was going to look awesome etc. Matt came in a few minutes later, gave me a look, before taking over. He finished it up, while I kept sewing in the other room. 

The before of our bed frame, when it finally dries, maybe we'll put up an after...

All that work made him hungry, so we made a pizza around 2 am and watched something on hulu (I don’t remember what). After we binged on pizza, we felt so fat and lazy, and figured it was probably about time for bed. Then I realized, uh we did not have a bed to sleep on….since our whole bed frame was wet. Great…so hence the blanket fort.

Matt in our fort

So anyway….



  1. DUDE! Rex and I totally made a fort last summer! You can check it our here:

    Sounds like you guys had a fun New Year's Eve! :)

  2. I think this might be a fun tradition to make! I knew Matt could crochet/knit blankets, but I didn't know he could sew, too!

  3. LOL! I love your fort!! It's a bit classier than ours I think. :)