Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running into the New Year

So back when I was 20, I wrote a bucketlist titled “Things I will do before I’m 25.” Every year I pick a few to try to achieve. I checked all but one of them off last year! Sadly the one I didn’t do was running a half marathon. I was doing pretty good with the whole running thing, until I met my really cute husband. Then the only running I was doing was across the street before some crazy Provo driver accidently hit me.

This year, I am determined to do it.

I’m off to an awful start though. I’ve been sick for the last 5 days, and before that I only worked out once. Not on the right track to run 13.1 miles. On top of that, I totally despise running with all my heart. It is one of my least favorite activities, but I figured if I put honest effort into running, maybe I would start liking it a little bit. After all if Jamie from Walk to Remember made “Befriend someone I don’t like” as part of her bucketlist, then “Like a hobby I hate” isn’t that ridiculous right?


Goal: Run a half marathon

Favorite Blog: (she’s so funny)

Races (These are tentative…but the half marathon I’m 99.5% sure I’ll do it):
Provo City Marathon
May 5, 2012

Utah Valley Marathon
June 9, 2012

Half Marathon
Utah Runner Girls Half marathon (Alpine, UT)
August 27, 2011

My Motto 

In the mirror I see an awesome good? okay runner?

I’m not so big on how fast I do it, as long as I do it. So if anyone wants to train with me, (because I’m just learning from the internet…real life help and friends are definitely better, especially if you are slow. The slower the better actually...) just let me know! I’m really excited for this. J

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  1. Running just about kills me. So,good luck. I prefer the elliptical machine. Still, I run (very slowly) about 5 mi a week. Do you have a specific time of day in mind? Maybe, I can text you some motivation.