Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here is the last post of my old blog.

Hello my friends,

I know it has been a while. I found an awfully handsome prince and I’ve been so busy being swept off my feet that I have not had time to blog.

Today I ran into a situation that required my utmost best princess behavior. I have been dealing with a small legal issue with my landlord, which we needed to discuss. I shook his hand in the lobby. He seemed fairly nice. Then we started talking about the problem. He started with a calm voice, but as the conversation continued he started slipping in degrading jokes, and then toward the end called me an outright liar!! That is no bueno. It was amazing watching this man turn from a um…a (fill in a mediocre adjective) man to a horrible beast type. I am not sure what took me more by surprise, his awful manners or his dismal attempts of humor.
All the same I probably should not judge him right? I might be seeing him at his worse, like Nathanial in Enchanted. He seemed like an ugly jerk, but in the end he saves the day.

Maybe this man will end up like that. A princess should always look in the best for people….or at least I’m told.

Anyway after that horrid encounter, I figured I should look up a way to make sure I never ever slightly resemble acting like that man.

Here is what I learned from the pamphlets in the waiting room that I grabbed on my way out.

Get ready to talk
Ah! I thought this was brilliant. Think before you speak. I love it. I know many people just act out on emotions when they are upset or stressed. Princesses are suppose to be full of grace and poise. There are moments where princesses are allowed to act out in emotions. For example, when your one true love tells you he loves you and wants to marry you, crying and kissing him are completely appropriate responses. However, when solving a conflict, it is better to have thought through carefully what has happened and what you would like to say. It is smart to think outside of yourself and consider what you could have done better. Even though you might have not done anything wrong, princesses think of the people around them (unlike evil step-sisters) and should consider their feelings and emotions.

After that step,

Agree to talk
I personally hate this step. People can be scary when they morph into ugly dragons. Princesses should have courage too…so they set up a private place to kindly talk to the person about the problem. Sometimes it is a good idea to set guidelines, so the other person feels comfortable and not defensive. (okay they probably will still be scared but that’s just how life goes sometimes).

Orderly method to talk
Basically that means listen, validate, and then listen some more, and then finally talk. I know it becomes a very tiresome process and sometimes listening to people is boring, but listening is a form of showing someone you love them. People are more willing to listen and understand you, when they feel loved. Then there is more happily-ever-afters for both parties.

Just think, if Evil Step-mother of Snow White sat down and explained to Snow White that she was insecure about not being the prettiest of the land, then she could have been reassured by Snow White. Who knows, maybe then she would not have been killed.

Arial and her dad did not have good communication either. Arial would not listen to her dad when he tried to keep her safe. If they had better communication then she would not have turned into seafoam like Grimm’s fairytale says.

See? Evil Step-mother and Ariel, good communication skills could have saved your life.

Just saying.

Time for me to go think happy thoughts,
Princess Michele

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