Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strawberry fields forever

I love Turhune Orchards. It's a small family farm near Princeton. We only went a few times last year, but I had been planning on going back. When we found out that they were letting the public pick strawberries, my friend Rachel and I loaded up the kids and went to pick strawberries! (There are no pictures of her adorable kids because I forgot to ask her if I could put them up, but they are adorable and made the adventure so much more fun.) 

There aren't any photos of Madeleine picking strawberries. She's had plenty of practice of picking strawberries in our garden, so she knew that the red ones were good to eat. I spent most of the time trying to keep her from eating them and watching baby Austin, the little guy I nanny. She was so cute, every time she saw a big bush of strawberries she would start going "ooooo" which was like every minute since there were so many strawberries.

After we each got a green basket thing of strawberries, we went around looking at the animals and playing on the playgrounds.

Madeleine has grown quite a bit from last year!

I love this photo. Bike riding is serious stuff. No headband for this.

After we finished letting the kids run around in circles, we went in the store and bought a few things. I got some cookies and some wonderful apple butter. Rachel got homemade cider donuts that were incredible. I need to buy some of those next time we go. We ate our snacks and took the kids home to nap before they spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. Well, that's not completely true.

I fell asleep the last few minutes of Madeleine's nap on accident and was woken up to strawberries being smeared on my face and arms. When I opened my eyes, the whole living room was bombed with half eaten strawberries. Madeleine woke me up so I could take off the green leaves of the strawberries so she could eat the rest. The couch and carpet were spotted with strawberry juice, along with the pillows, blankets, walls, and door. I jumped up and started cleaning it, while Madeleine sat and ate the rest of the strawberries on the steps. Thankfully everything came out, but next time I need to remember that when there is tempting strawberries to move them out of the reach of our little strawberry monster. 

Anyway this went perfectly with my goal to support more local people. It was wonderful and we are probably going again this week. 

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