Wednesday, June 11, 2014


My lovely computer Matilda stopped reading my memory card for a week. I have no idea what happened, but suddenly she felt like reading it again! So I have lots of pictures to share. We've been going on plenty of adventures in the last week or so. We went to the beach twice, went to a farm, and of course lots of strawberry eating every single day. (We actually went to the farm to pick more strawberries.)

So for today, here our pictures from the "shore". I only brought my camera one of the two days. The other day I was too busy playing in the water to take pictures. It's a lovely temperature of 61 degrees.

Both times Madeleine thought that the water was way too cold. So she spent most of the time laying on the sand. She loved the sand. She laid on it.

Did the worm on it.

Found a rock pet.

Harassed seagulls

And buried Matt's hand after he got pounded on in the ocean.

After that we walked a bit, before getting ready to go.

And a flash back from last year...

Not much has changed huh?

And Matt even took a picture of me!

We bought a season pass the beach. We are aiming to go at least once a week for the rest of the summer. We are so excited. The drive isn't bad and the sun and wind is wonderful.

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