Friday, June 20, 2014

New Clothes for Sophie

With Madeleine getting her canines in, life has been very dramatic. Tears, fits, violent outburst, the whole deal. So yesterday after poor Sophie was angrily thrown into an ice cream bowl (I wouldn't give Madeleine more) and then later yogurt, I decided Sophie needed more than one pair of clothes to wear and her hair washed. After Madeleine was asleep, Sophie and I stayed up late to work on some more wardrobe options.

We had bought some newborn outfits and then I refitted them for Sophie. 

Doesn't her hair look so nice and clean?

This morning when I was taking pictures, Matt was teasing me that I love Sophie as much as Madeleine does. After all, I can sew clothes for her and Madeleine can't. It was a lot of fun though, and I did enjoy make Sophie look cute in new clothes. I have always loved dolls, and so I let Madeleine get a new tiny Mooshka doll. She already has a larger soft doll, but this mini doll has been a big hit.

Do you have any favorite dolls or toys?

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