Friday, October 18, 2013

So big

I love watching kids.
I love being around more children than just my Tiny Creature.
I especially appreciate it when they play with my baby 
even though she is younger than some of the kids that play with her.

Tiny followed a 5 year old all the way up the playground.
Then I ran around to the slide.
Just as Madeleine proudly reached it.

To my surprise she sat on the top.
Then she leaned forward as far as she could.
(I was supervising this part...hence no photos.)
Then she very slowly slid down the slide.

She got stuck once.
Where both of her friends (ages 3 and 5) caught her and hugged her.

Then she turned around and got off the slide.
(Now if she could just do that off our bed, couch or any other random thing she seems to like to dive off).

Madeleine was so thrilled that she climbed back up the play structure.
(It only took 10 minutes this time.)
And slid down the slide.

My Tiny is getting so big...(in a still tiny sense)

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