Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 months!

Madeleine is 17 lb and 4.8 oz
She worked on getting all 4 top teeth in this month.
It's been miserable for her.
We went through several "nursing" strikes, 
but thankfully because of the new teeth, 
solid foods have become a whole lot easier to chew.

She loves food.
She eats everything.
Spicy food, sweet food, sour food.
Doesn't matter to her!
And as far as we can tell, she's not allergic to anything.
(Even peanut butter...which Matt apparently gave her.)

She's extremely mobile.
She can stand for as long as she feels like,
but she hasn't even tried to take a step.

I think she doesn't feel the need to walk,
because she is a speedy little crawler.

She babbles more.
She is starting to really sleep through the night.
She's getting better at self-soothing.
She can't sleep without something fuzzy.
She plays with other kids.
She is extremely curious.

She understands what we are saying some of the time.
She has a favorite color, green.
She hates her carseat.
She is still a Daddy's girl.

She can open cupboards.
She knocks over lamps.
She loves looking in the fridge.
She will keep her hat and shoes on now.
She gives baby kisses.

She most definitely a tiny human still,
but every once in a while we call her "the kid."

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