Sunday, October 13, 2013

Child Psychology

As a photographer, Michele fills our memory cards with thousands of photos. I was looking through them and found these ten that were obviously taken in rapid succession. I hope that you'll ignore me and pay attention to Madeleine's expressions; I think they illustrate just how intelligent and curious children really are. Madeleine clearly applied the scientific method to the study of my glasses.
I'm bored...
What should I do? 
Oh look... there's something on Daddy's face. 
Whoa.... trippy! 
What is this made of? 
 Hey... I'm not done yet!!
 Can I eat it?
 Apparently not.

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  1. haha this is a cute post and I agree. When we stop and look we can see just how much they are learning and processing everyday. Yesterday Brooklyn was so fascinated with my eyelashes. It was so cute.