Friday, September 6, 2013

My 20s bucket list

When I taught Matt's Sunday School class a few weeks ago, 
they asked me why my hair was purple.
(They really like it.)
I told them that it was on my bucket list for my 20s.
Since then, any time I see a few of the girls, they've been asking me what else is on it.

You see, I started my bucket list years ago,
 but in high school I started to realize that I shouldn't put off doing things
 because I'm young and I have my whole life to do them.
Somethings are time sensitive, so I started making list for each decade of my life.

The truth was there wasn't one list for my 20s. 
I had 2-3 lists in different journals that I had written.
One when I was a teenager, another when I just started college, and the latest one shortly after I got married.
But there wasn't one complied list,
so this week I did just that and hung it on my wall.

There is a careful screening process for each item on my list.
Here are how I picked for each bucket list

1) Marriage and kids are too sacred dreams to go on a bucket list.
Love should never be pressured in order to just check it off.
And happiness should never be defined by being married or having kids.
In the event that I couldn't have kids or didn't get married, 
I didn't want to have any pressure from myself that would make me feel like a failure.

2) Each thing should actually enrich my life in some way.
I decided early on that things such as 
"Jump in a pool with clothes on"
"Eat 5 lb of bacon in one day"
would never be on my list.
Why would I plan to jump in a pool with my clothes on?
It takes out the spontaneity (which is the only reason I would ever do it)
and it sounds kind of pointless.
After all once you are in the's just like having a swimsuit on.
I don't get it.

With that said some of mine might seem pointless to someone else.
Like kiss on the top of empire state building.
That one came about because my friend Jacob had me watch Sleepless in Seattle.
I liked the movie...until the end.
Here they were during the romantic high of the movie,
I knew my craving for a romantic movie was about to be filled,
all that was needed was cherry to the end of every chick flick, the kiss.
The music and everything was perfect, I was already for this to happen,
and then the credit rolled!!!!!

My jaw dropped.
What just happened.
I was upset.
There was no kiss.
So that day I added "kiss on the empire state building."
I'm going to get that kiss that Sleepless in Seattle cheated me out of.

3) Some are time sensitive, so try to finish the whole list in the decade.
This is a big one. 20 with purple hair is one thing...30 is a whole different thing.

4) Think about my life and resources.
 If you actually read through my goals, there isn't a lot of traveling outside of the US.
That's because I figured I wouldn't have a lot of money and hopefully would have a family.
There is more traveling though in other decades of my life.
30s is traveling to ever state in the US and 40s going to every US territory.
If I can pull off those early great, but if not, that's okay...
I planned them for later in my life.

So yeah, I'm slowly going through them.
So far I've done, 12 and there are 57 I think on the list so far.
I have a few that are in process and should be checked off.

Let me know if there is anything you think I should add.


  1. I love your list! I am thinking, however, that owning something from Tiffany's might be a slightly longer term goal!! :) But hey, if you celebrate Matt's completion of grad school with breakfast in front of Tiffany's, then you might as well go on in and purchase a little something, right? Two for one!

    1. The Nike half marathon gives you a Tiffany's charm when you complete it. I'm thinking that will be my ticket to getting that one checked off. But your idea works too! It saves me from running 13.1 miles.